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Heart of best memories

We are constantly in touch: By phone calls/zoom calls or any mode of communication you prefer; your assigned planner’s line will be available for urgent matters at your disposal, from contract signing till the wedding day.


Heart of best memories

Advisory, full consultation, on-site visit, inspection trip planning — all to find a perfect place for your perfect wedding. This includes sending you pictures in case you have yet to see the venue.


Heart of best memories

Every wedding we do is tailor made, and we take it upon ourselves to choose the right concepts that would match who you are as a couple. Your assigned planner will be creating concepts solely based specifically on your requirements. In a case where you are unsure, your assigned planner will thoroughly explain all the possibilities for you, guiding you through out.


Heart of best memories

Concept design is merely the tip of the iceberg of what we do at Ikebana. Among all other details, we include tailored proposals, tentative budget sheets and 2D and or 3D concept design to help you visualize your possibilities for the big day. This would include bigger components like backdrop designs and would not be limited to the smallest details like table numbers.


Heart of best memories

To create a perfect day you will require a perfect team of professionals. Other than our staff, we handpick our team from all around Maldives to include but not limited to photographers, videographers, florists, designers, singers and DJs etcetera; working with them hand in hand to create a memory you will remember all your life.


Heart of best memories

Event rundown We believe in making sure there are no hiccups on the big day. We try to achieve this by creating a detailed timeline of the wedding day, both for the vendor team and the bridal party, to make sure that everyone knows their roles for the day and what to expect and otherwise.

The perfect picture for every time. Precious memories forever. We are here to help you to remember the best days. Remember the day forever. For your every expression
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We are here to

help you to

remember the

best days

Heart of best memories