Shannon & Kasey


A combination of warm gold, fresh flora, sandy soles and saltwater breeze; this proposal shone stunningly as children scampered on the white Maldivian sand, giggling with innocent glee for mama and papa’s conjugation.


During the blessed month of June known to transpire beauty of all forms, a lovestruck couple promised eternity to one another.

A ring glinting with everlasting vows and saturated memories was gently slipped into Shannon’s fourth finger and her glee meshed with delighted surprise was evident in the wide smile illuminated by the surrounding candalebra flames. The love and the laughter that followed like beautiful gliding air currents filled the air with harmony and tenderness.

The warm lights from the tapers sitting right beside the symbol of love—-assembled with freshly plucked roses—-were brimming gracefully beside the two lovers, shimmering on their delighted faces. It provided the coast with a cozy, utopian fever that the newly engaged were undoubtedly lost under a trance inside and all present to witness the moment were strayed inside the enchantments of the encircling decorations themselves.

The sound of the fresh streaming breeze and the seawater gently beating against the sandy shores along with the scent of coastal nature was a lovely detail that the enthuasiastic groom who tirelessly worked with the Ikebana team to fine-tune every detail to perfection accounted for.

The seed of a soon to be, kicked harder than whales to express its thrill and Shannon’s smile radiated like a million rays of sunshine as though speaking for two. It was a spectacular memory, most certainly for the couple but also for our team alike, who were overjoyed by the grand success and sheer beauty that transpired amidst the design of their work.

Casey and Shannon’s grand moment was surrounded by the beauty of both natural and contrived; they were blessed with all the allure that could have been dispensed for such a symbolic occasion.

A craftwork of felicitations from the Ikebana team; and perhaps, nature itself.


It ended with the sound of little footsteps galloping freely through the air, caked with white sand.

It ended with full hearts and eyes brimming with elevation.

This momentous event remains a timeless souvenir etched into the memories of all who were present.

The ethereal set that was the product of the creativity implemented by Ikebana’s skilful artisans, was enlivened by the presence of the captivated couple and their charming little ones.


Event planner: Ikebana Maldives
Venue: Senses Beach
Resort: LUX* South Ari Atoll
Photo: Asad Photo
Video: Sovile