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The words of love from the Love birds who married in the Maldives

Crafting Unforgettable Moments

With a passion for perfection, Ikebana has curated over 800 extraordinary destination events, from captivating weddings to impressive corporate gatherings and rejuvenating retreats. With global connections and local expertise, we proudly affiliate with over 200 international planners, while retaining unparalleled knowledge in event planning and design. Unlock the extraordinary with our exclusive partnerships with 100+ prestigious resort partners in the Maldives, offering breathtaking venues and world-class amenities. We bring selective elegance to every detail, curating a portfolio of 20+ exceptional local service and rental vendors. As a cherry on top, our handpicked selection of affiliated brands enriches your journey in the Maldives. Welcome to Ikebana Maldives, where unforgettable moments come to life.

The masterful artisans of unforgettable moments

Welcome to Ikebana Maldives, the masterful artisans of unforgettable moments. With an unwavering passion for perfection, we have meticulously crafted over 800 destination events, ranging from the ethereal beauty of romantic weddings to the grandeur of impressive corporate gatherings and the serenity of rejuvenating retreats. Our team of seasoned experts combines creativity, dedication, and attention to detail to bring to life events that leave lasting impressions and cherished memories for all who attend.

At Ikebana, our pride lies in our global connections and local expertise, setting us apart as an exceptional event planning and design powerhouse. Proudly affiliated with 200+ international planners and agencies, we showcase our global reach while retaining unparalleled knowledge of the Maldives and its unique charms. Our commitment to understanding the local culture, traditions, and resources ensures that we deliver events that are not only visually stunning but also seamlessly integrated with the Maldivian essence.

When you choose Ikebana, you gain access to an elite network of resort partners, numbering over 100 prestigious establishments in the Maldives. Our exclusive partnerships with these world-renowned resorts offer access to breathtaking venues, from pristine beaches to secluded lagoons and lush tropical gardens, providing the perfect backdrop for your event. Furthermore, our resort partners extend world-class amenities and services, guaranteeing an unparalleled guest experience that exudes luxury and sophistication.

We understand that the smallest details can make the most significant impact. Therefore, we take pride in curating a portfolio of 20+ exceptional local service and rental vendors, ensuring that every aspect of your event is flawlessly executed. Our selective elegance approach guarantees that only the finest partners are chosen, those who share our vision of delivering excellence and exceeding expectations.

As a cherry on top, we are delighted to present our handpicked selection of affiliated brands, renowned names that enrich your journey in the Maldives. Embrace the unparalleled luxury of Cheval Blanc, indulge in the opulence of One and Only, immerse yourself in the legendary service of Waldorf Astoria, experience the timeless elegance of Ritz Carlton and St Regis, savor the authentic charm of Anantara, revel in the warmth of Lux Hotels and Resorts, and seek inspiration from the bespoke experiences of Patina Resorts and Four Seasons.

At Ikebana Maldives, our commitment to creating extraordinary events goes beyond merely meeting expectations; it is about exceeding them with confidence, pride, and professionalism. Our dedicated team of passionate professionals is eager to collaborate with you, turning your dreams into realities and making every moment unforgettable. Welcome to Ikebana Maldives, where perfection is an art, and your event becomes a masterpiece.