Maldives Team

"Embark on an awe-inspiring odyssey with Ikebana Maldives, where passion transforms dreams into captivating realities. Our relentless pursuit of greatness, fueled by an exceptional team and unwavering dedication, brings impeccable events to life, exceeding every expectation. Join us in our quest for excellence, and witness the extraordinary!"

Event Transformation

Event Transformation Team from Maldives

THE team

Together, the team at Ikebana thrives on collaboration, innovative thinking, and a genuine commitment to exceeding client expectations. Their diverse talents and personalities merge to create a harmonious group that consistently delivers outstanding event experiences, making them an invaluable asset to the industry.

A dynamic and skilled group of individuals who collaborate to create extraordinary event experiences. Led by the visionary Managing Director, Abdulla Nashid, the team’s expertise in event planning and management is nothing short of remarkable. 

A team committed to achieving greatness, infusing their work with unwavering passion and surpassing all expectations to transform dreams into breathtaking reality.

Our successful events are made possible just as much by the indispensable contributions of our dedicated supporting staff. Their persistent commitment enables us to efficiently execute impeccable events.

A relentless journey to achieve greatness. Fueled by unwavering passion, we turn dreams into breathtaking realities. Our success is a product of the incredible dedication of both our outstanding team and our indispensable supporting staff. Together, we create impeccable events and exceed all expectations, united in our pursuit of excellence..”


Our team


Abdulla Nashid

Managing director

Nashid’s expertise in event planning and management is remarkable. With over a decade of hands-on experience in the industry executing a wide range of events, Nashid has established himself as a visionary. From humble beginnings he has risen to become a leading and trusted planner in the Maldives, known for his inventiveness, attention to detail and his persistent dedication to his clients. 

In a nutshell, Nashid is a master of his art, and we are grateful to have him as the managing director and driving force behind our team and the events we organize. His humility is admirable, and if he won an award for it, he would probably give a shoutout to his shoes for carrying him to the stage. 



Ibrahim Nasiu

operations director

Nasiu is a highly efficient individual who relentlessly gets things done. He is a skilled motivator who can encourage a team to carry out necessary tasks. His problem-solving skills and ability to involve all team members in activities makes him an asset in any field. Nasiu is a goal-oriented person who prioritizes results. He is a reliable and dependable team player who will go above and beyond to ensure that tasks are completed on time. 

Nasiu is a genuine leader who inspires others to take action and persevere. When he is not under the pressure of a deadline, Nasiu is truly living his life to the fullest by spending quality time with his friends and family. 

Persistence and passion are the cornerstones of turning dreams into reality. Every event is a testament to the power of dedication.
Managing Director


Ali zaid

event production

Zaid is our proficient, multi-tasking manager responsible for handling and over-seeing the production aspect of all events within the company. His exceptional expertise in this role provides the company with a competitive edge, enabling the successful execution of multiple projects simultaneously. 

Despite the complexity of his responsibilities, Zaid handles them with remarkable ease, all while maintaining a light-hearted demeanor and a great sense of humor. While Nashid is grateful for his shoes for carrying him to success, Zaid probably thank his slippers for not tripping him on his way to the top. 



Aminath Suma


Suma has pursued her passion for event planning, utilizing her previous experience as a freelancer to elevate her craft at Ikebana. She delights in creating enchanting experiences for her clients, leveraging her extensive knowledge of related industries and her ability to connect with and understand her clients. Her impressive track record of glowing client reviews and growing popularity on Pinterest certainly earns her bragging rights. 

While her exceptional skills and hard work undoubtedly contribute to her accomplishments, It is worth mentioning that she is also a devoted and loving mother to her feline companions, to whom she would even attribute her success.  



Jana Asif


Jana is a true force of nature. Her unshakable commitment and outstanding efficiency have proven to be priceless resources for the company. Not only do her clients adore her professional yet laid-back demeanor, but her team holds her in high regard, recognizing her as a true woman of action. 

Jana’s love for the ocean and water sports is a testament to her fearless and passionate nature, which she seamlessly incorporates into her work. Her colleagues and clients alike are captivated by her vivacious energy, leaving us all ocean-floored. 


True success in event planning lies not just in orchestrating grand moments, but in the smiles and memories we leave behind in the hearts of those we serve.