Wedding color combinations


Ikebana Maldives


07 December 2023, 16:30

A color scheme is one of the most significant aspects of a wedding plan and as we all know, the world is filled with limitless colors, all unique in their own aspects. Combining these colors could prove to be quite a challenge, especially for a wedding where many external factors come into play but we have narrowed down a few options for you to easily choose from without having to worry about these additional details. 

During the process of selecting a color palette to adhere to, it is important to remember that the types of florals, greenery and wedding themes inclusive in the production also plays a vast factor. In a wedding, everything is intertwined and must be carefully planned to result in impeccable creation.

In this post, we will talk about some colors that would be fitting for a wedding theme and how the colors are best implemented in accordance with a style theme.

Below the article, we have listed down the names of the exact color shade we talk about with the appropriate hex code to give you a clearer scope of information; however, any color that is close to the color mentioned would do well to fit the color schemes proposed. 


White innocence

Full white is the classic, the true traditional standard and model for a wedding and the royal family of Britain knows this best! White as a wedding color was credited to emerge from Alexandra Victoria’s white wedding gown however, although the practice of white significantly increased throughout the following years, it was not until after World War II when white solidified as a tradition to behold.

In the 21st century, where brides are a trend and weddings are a blooming festivity, white is known to be favored above all with endless decor and styles of appeasement to appear distinctive and more unique than that popular wedding from last month. Creativity has been utilized to its utmost; if not due to a diligent need to gratify bride after bride, to curate a unique and personal experience, because of a few simple reasons: it is beautiful, extravagant and simply joyful.

Although colorful weddings are blooming (especially blushing muted pinks), white is almost always used with all wedding color themes, it is a color unrivaled and the standard of purity, innocence and bonds everlasting!

Stella and Jasni - Four Seasons - 09074

White table decor with minimal hints of greenery | Captured by Asad Photo

Incorporating the contrasting ideas of both tight and loose florals, the options for accentuating a white set are limitless, From using elements such as seashells, candelabras, chandeliers and even neon lights, the options vary to using transparent and glassy components of all shapes and sizes (such as gazebo legs, walkway and candle votives) to warm and cool  lights emerging from candles and fairy lights (how beautiful would a walkway of fairy lights/candles be or even an illuminating reception overhead).

Reflective mirror bases are also a beautiful and truly extraordinary concept to accentuate your classic white  wedding and you can incorporate this in the form of a plate under your centerpieces or even your arch walkway!

Florals of white are one of the easiest things to procure and the varieties and implementations have next to no limits. Gypsophila is one of the more unique ways to accentuate a wedding; when arranged loosely together in large quantities (with complementary dashes of white florals such as roses or peonies), they look like clouds of pixie dust! It is undoubtedly every bride’s wish to have a wedding exceeding the limits of time and reality, the appearance of walking into a floating dream! 

White florals such as lisianthus and roses also have their own way to  enchant when incorporated into a style befitting a trance at first sight! And let’s not forget the flowing drapes of white around the arena that we so dearly adore. 

White is the ultimate, unrivaled goddess, the essence of elegance and style and when executed astutely, no other color stands a chance to outperform its grace and allure in a wedding.


Fall hums

The color of vibrancy, adventurous energy and optimism, the purposeful color of orange is a perfect fit for a wedding. The ideal shade of orange is not as easy to find as you would think, after all, you wouldn’t want your wedding to be a messy clash of a muddy orange that looks nearly similar to bile. To give you a little direction and narrow down the scope of options, here are a few color combinations that we hope helps!

Muted orange color focused centerpiece made with greenery fillers and fresh floral varieties | Photo from Rock My Wedding


Terracotta, a rich and earthy shade that is perceived by many as a mix of a deep burnt orange with a hint of brown, is a beautiful shade and what we believe to be one of the most candid choices of orange for a wedding. With terracotta comes endless possibilities of dry florals (we have all heard of the ever lovely pampas!) and choices of creamy whites that compliments the incorporation of dry florals flawlessly, such as macrame fabrics and florals. Splashes of gold here and there around the venue would additionally spark a touch of elegance and poise in this color scheme and decor.  You couldn’t go wrong with terracotta as a choice, we all love a wedding with soft yet vibrant florals. 


It goes without saying that a terracotta wedding is not limited to only dry florals, there is of course always the choice of the fresh florals; the good, old-fashioned wedding concept that never goes out of style! With fresh florals comes the option of incorporating lighter oranges such as persian orange in both your floral arrangements and table decor. For example, adding splashes of persian orange in your centerpieces to give a light glamor as well as having candlesticks in this shade to compliment the colors of your centerpiece would make for a lovely decor. Adding lighter hints to your arch would additionally give it a certain glamor; however,  a full terracotta arch or decor undoubtedly has its own alluring charm. Whichever style and color appeals to you could be effortlessly arranged into a captivating event with the grace of a creative planner and florist. Much like with dry florals, splashes of white— a color so pure  and friendly it flawlessly merges with anything—would undoubtedly increase the allure of your lovely terracotta (and persian orange) set up. White is for everyone and everything!


The color that inspires visions of flame (a burning fiery passion), burnt orange is a shade that evokes comfort and warmth. It is a place of relaxation and devotion, made tender and softer by the little hints of starfish orange, a color of confident calmness, an epitome of elegance.

The little decors and floral arrangements you could do with this palette is limitless. Burnt orange is a fiery color and to cancel out its frenzy, we bring in the dutch boy’s starfish orange, a lighter shade of orange that gives off a peachy, muted aura (yes, colors have auras!). It is perfect as burnt orange goes well with light hues such as peach and instead of incorporating pink, you can opt for this lovely shade of creamy orange to build a set that is full orange!

Florals in both these muted creamy and passionate fiery oranges are endless, ranging from roses and hydrangeas to anthuriums and carnations.

It is absolutely a must to include candles and (of course!) white would effortlessly merge with the colors of this palette. Splashes of greenery here and there would also look phenomenal with this color scheme; greenery never fails to work wonders for accentuating an arrangement! 


As minimalism and beige tones are rising in trends as of late, peachy brown weddings are also gaining quite a traction. While conflicting feelings have risen about such a muted color palette especially in regard to home decorations, as event planners, we adore this lovely shade incorporated in events; this peculiar shade has a divine charm that could only be encompassed by this delicate shade alone!

Pastel peachy sand weddings are mostly blended together with the use of dried elements such as bleached pampas. This makes for a beautiful arrangement as the soft and cottony grass looks quite magical when bunched together to form a cohesive arrangement. 

That is not to say dried fluffs are the only option, fresh flowers also mesh quite well into a muted wedding decor when combined with creamy white florals. 

Warm lights are the perfect, most flawless match for this color scheme, after all—warm and beige are just two sides of the same coin! The golden illumination that offers a glow

Beige table centerpiece with a white focus and black table decor | Photo by Houston Wed Society

to the beige in this tale brings about a candied sight that is quite magical to say the least!

White is not the only color that suits the color beige when it comes down to event decorations, black is a classic that blends and compliments pastel peachy sand as much as white, if not more! Throw in some black chairs, black tapers or even a black tablecloth, the results would be astounding!

There is no other decor more suited to this color scheme if you are an avid lover of beige minimalism and as you must already know, this year’s (2024) color of the year goes to peach fuzz, a shade quite close to pastel peachy sand!

Mythical wine

Red is the anchor of love, the color of pure and uncensored romanticism. It is a story straight out of a magical fairytale, it is never ending and everlasting; a color filled with endless and unconditional tenderness, divinity and confidence—and your wedding set up has equal potential to be everything this color represents. 

Red by itself makes for a magical setup with the help of a few warm candles, some golden decorative ornaments or even a warm lit chandelier. Red mixed with gold gives the undeniable feeling of walking into a magical land of pixie dust and flying ships, and this color theme is a beauty on its own without the addition of different colors of flowers to compliment. 

Little vase stands or candles are undoubtedly a flawless way to accentuate the beauty of the full red arrangements however, when using vases and other decorative elements of gold, it is important to remember not to use a boxy figure that is too difficult on the eye; the extra adornments should not overshadow the divinity of the reds gliding around it.The purpose of the additional decor is to  elegantly accentuate the set to provide the extra flair it needs to become complete. 

Amorphous and orthogonal adornments small in size that don’t overwhelm the arrangement as well as thin stands or vases that blend sleekly with the decor  are an impeccable addition to this color set to beautify the sanctity of the red. Transparent alongside reflective is also an unmatched addition to emphasize the decor. 


To soften and cancel out the supremacy of red to fit into innocent elegance, white is the ultimate choice; red and white is a combination that possibly exceeds the beauty of a blazing sunset!

The abundance of florals in red and white—easiest to acquire—is a notion to remember. After all, the systematic  process of sourcing the general raw materials  necessary for your wedding setup would prove to be the most challenging (a day in the life of an event planner). The easier the materials to source, the more impeccable  the final product becomes. Furthermore, the addition of a few hints of greenery would be a lovely addition, but the decor would come out looking magnificent either way; all that needs to be done is choosing a beautiful  decoration, style and adornments.

Adding clear elements  to a white and red wedding such as a clear gazebo legs, votives, vases or any other clear elements that meshes fittingly with your decor would provide an instant enhancement, an element that compliments the white effortlessly and glazes smoothly into the beauty of the decor. If you are looking to add another special flair, gypsophila is a lovely addition, the more the merrier, it would provide an enchanting vision of red and white pixie dust and it would  most definitely be a sight to marvel at.